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Business Card Design

  Now you have your unique logo let us include that on your business cards.

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Here are a few tips:

1. Business cards are convenient and affordable.Then if you decide to change the style or information later, the cost is relatively inexpensive. You can order them from Global and expect prompt delivery, usually within a few days. There’s nothing difficult or demanding about them.

2. Business cards make handy exchange items. When you meet a new contact person or a professional networking colleague or a potential client, you can readily provide your name, title, and contact information to someone who may use it to contact you later. In return, you may receive other people's cards to keep on file for future follow-up. They are a great way to present yourself to other people quickly and easily.

3. Business cards help others remember your name. When you interview someone, make a presentation, or brush elbows at conferences, you can quickly provide your business card with the correct spelling of your name and contact details to those who might otherwise forget it, misspell it, or be too embarrassed to ask again. Having a tangible reminder is helpful to someone who, after an introduction or meeting, thinks it over and decides to get in touch. Instead of searching for a scrap piece of paper with your name scribbled on it, the person can pull out a card and promptly get in touch.

4. Business cards give a professional impression. Having them sit on your desk, tucked into a coat pocket, or assembled with an information packet at a seminar tell others that you care about your role and the company you work for, as well as making yourself available to those that may be interested in your expertise or product line. Attractive cards represent your professional persona in your absence.

5. Business cards provide creative opportunities for self-expression. You can choose from a variety of colors, combine shades, select a font style and size, rearrange the design and information, add a quote or more information on the reverse side, and in general have fun deciding how to represent yourself on this small card. Obviously, you want to create the most effective design that will help others see you in the best possible light.

6.Business cards can accompany mailed letters, sales materials, and proposals. They serve a variety of purposes and interests. If you are serious about the business you are in, business cards may be a good investment.

Contact us at Global for more information and also to find out about other business stationery we can provide.

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